Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful advice and answers to frequently questions about caring for your pet guinea pigs.


Are guinea pigs good beginner pets?

Just like all animals, guinea pigs require daily care and attention; however, they do make great beginner pets. Guinea pigs are hardy, intelligent, easy to care for, love attention, and can live up to 8 years.

Do guinea pigs bite?

Guinea pigs rarely bite, but they may nibble. If your guinea pig nibbles you while in your hands, it can be an indicator that they need to urinate. A nibble could also mean that your guinea pig is uncertain or afraid. Try putting your guinea pig down and observing his behavior. If the biting continues or escalates, you may want to consult with your vet as it could indicate something is wrong. 

What do guinea pigs eat?

A good guinea pig diet consists of an unlimited amount of low calcium hay, vitamin C (we love Oxbow Vitamin C tabs so you can regulate the amount of vitamin C your guinea pig gets), and commercial high fiber pelleted feed. Guinea pigs should also be fed approximately 1 cup of fruits and vegetables daily (our favorites are red peppers, broccoli, carrots and romaine lettuce).

Do I need to bathe my guinea pig?

Guinea pigs clean themselves regularly and rarely need to be given a bath.

Can I have just one guinea pig?

Yes, you can get just one; however, guinea pigs are social animals and will do best when kept together with a same-sex pal. CLICK HERE to find out what happened when we found out our male guinea pig was actually a GIRL!

What size cage do I need?

One guinea pig requires a minimum 30" x 36" cage so that he will have room to run and not get too stressed. Two guinea pigs require a minimum 30" x 50" cage. Most cages advertised for guinea pigs are too small. A popular option is to build your own custom guinea pig cage using C&C grid.

Do I have to trim my guinea pig's nails?

Yes, guinea pig nails are like newborn babies nails, forever growing. When trimming their nails be careful to not cut too high because it  can bleed and cause tremendous pain. Make sure you are aware of the pinkish part of the nail and do not cut above or on it.

How often should a guinea pig cage be cleaned?

Spot clean your guinea pig bedding throughout the week to remove waste and replace all of the bedding a minimum of once per week. Fleece bedding will need replaced more frequently.