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Oxbow guinea pig products (that our guinea pigs love!) |

Oxbow Guinea Pig Products (that our guinea pigs love!)

Our little herd of guinea pigs has fallen in love with Oxbow guinea pig products. In this article ...
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Guinea pig hay: how much and what kind? |

Guinea Pig Hay: What kind and how much? (Guide For New Owners)

We had so many questions about guinea pig hay when we first brought Theo and Remmy home. Do ...
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Newborn baby guinea pigs: what to expect? | Guinea Pig Den

Newborn Baby Guinea Pigs: What to expect? (it’s not what you think)

When we discovered that our guinea pig was pregnant we had so many questions about newborn baby guinea ...
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Guinea pigs as pets: PROS and CONS of owning guinea pigs | Guinea Pig Den

Guinea pigs as pets PROS and CONS

Guinea pigs are cute and cuddly and make amazing pets. However, they can be a lot of work ...
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What breed is my guinea pig? Here's how to tell! | Guinea Pig Den

What breed is my guinea pig? (here’s how to tell)

Just minutes ( after we came home with our guinea pig pair, Theo and Remmy, my daughter started ...
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Cute Guinea Pig Names: What should I name my guinea pig?

Once you’ve decided that a guinea pig is the right pet for you, it’s time to choose a ...
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Guinea pig feeding time: what do they eat? |

Guinea Pig Feeding Time: what do they eat?

Our guinea pig family grew from two to SIX and we have so many questions about guinea pig ...
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